What To Serve With Shrimp Tempura

You’ve mastered the art of creating that irresistible, golden-brown shrimp tempura with its light and airy batter. Now you’re wondering what to serve alongside it to truly make your meal shine.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide some mouthwatering suggestions for side dishes and sauces that will complement your expertly prepared shrimp tempura perfectly.

It’s important to consider not only taste but also texture when pairing sides with fried food like shrimp tempura. You want something refreshing and crisp to balance out the richness of the deep-fried crustaceans.

So let us guide you through our carefully curated list of accompaniments that will elevate your shrimp tempura experience from great to absolutely unforgettable!

Why These Side Dishes Goes Well With Shrimp Tempura – By Chef Natalie

To save you time, and to make your decision easy, I have built a nice chart on why these side dishes go well with Shrimp Tempura

Side DishWhy it Goes Well with Shrimp Tempura
Steamed RiceThe mild flavor and fluffy texture of steamed rice would complement the crispy and savory shrimp tempura.
Miso SoupThe savory and umami flavors of miso soup would complement the rich and deep flavors of the shrimp tempura.
Soba Or Udon NoodlesThe chewy texture of the noodles would add some contrast to the crispy shrimp tempura, and the flavors would complement each other well.
Vegetable Stir-FryThe fresh and crunchy vegetables in a stir-fry would provide a nice contrast to the crispy shrimp tempura.
Seaweed SaladThe refreshing and slightly salty flavors of seaweed salad would complement the rich and deep flavors of the shrimp tempura.
Pickled VegetablesThe tangy and slightly sweet flavors of pickled vegetables would complement the rich and deep flavors of the shrimp tempura.
EdamameThe slightly salty and nutty flavors of edamame would complement the savory and crispy flavors of the shrimp tempura.
Grilled AsparagusThe smoky and slightly charred flavors of grilled asparagus would complement the crispy and savory shrimp tempura.
Sushi RollsThe freshness of the sushi rolls would complement the richness of the shrimp tempura, and the textures would contrast nicely.
Tempura Dipping SauceThe dipping sauce would add some extra flavor and depth to the shrimp tempura, and the crispy texture would complement the crispy shrimp.
Ponzu SauceThe citrusy and tangy flavors of ponzu sauce would complement the rich and savory flavors of the shrimp tempura.
Spicy MayoThe creamy and slightly spicy flavors of spicy mayo would complement the savory and crispy flavors of the shrimp tempura.
Soy-Ginger SauceThe savory and slightly sweet flavors of soy-ginger sauce would complement the savory and crispy flavors of the shrimp tempura.


1. Steamed Rice

Ah, steamed rice – the perfect accompaniment to your exquisite shrimp tempura. When it comes to selecting a rice variety for this dish, you simply cannot go wrong with Japanese short-grain white rice.

This type of rice is known for its slightly sticky texture and subtle sweetness that pairs impeccably well with the crispy, golden exterior of your tempura.



Now let’s discuss the art of the steamed technique. You see, achieving flawlessly cooked rice requires precision in both measuring and timing.

Begin by rinsing your chosen rice under cold water until it runs clear; doing so removes any excess starch and prevents overly-sticky results. Once rinsed, combine equal parts rice and water in a heavy-bottomed pot or electric rice cooker before bringing to a gentle boil.

Reduce heat immediately after boiling commences then cover tightly with a lid and allow it to simmer at low heat for about 15 minutes.

Afterward, remove from heat but leave covered for an additional 10-15 minutes as your delicate grains absorb every last bit of steamy moisture inside their cozy cocoon.

As you lift that lid off your perfectly prepared mound of steamed white rice, take note of its tender yet firm consistency – each grain delicately clinging to one another while maintaining individual integrity.

The aroma is heavenly – earthy tones blended with just a hint of sweet nuttiness filling the air around you as you marvel at how something so simple can be elevated into such culinary greatness through skillful preparation techniques.

But wait! There’s more delectable goodness awaiting: miso soup awaits our attention next on this journey towards creating an exceptional meal deserving of praise from even the most discerning palates among us all, as we explore the depths of umami and the harmonious balance between simple yet flavorful ingredients that meld together to create a symphony of taste and warmth in every spoonful.

2. Miso Soup

While steamed rice provides a delightful and filling accompaniment to shrimp tempura, there is another dish that can elevate the entire dining experience.

Miso soup, an exquisite Japanese staple, has been enjoyed for centuries as a delicious and nourishing addition to any meal.


Miso Soup


Its unique umami flavor profile pairs impeccably with the crispy texture of shrimp tempura.

Miso soup offers countless variations based on regional and personal preferences.

These miso variations range from white or yellow miso (Shiromiso), which has a delicate taste perfect for enhancing subtle flavors; to red miso (Akamiso) with its bold intensity suited for robust dishes.

The beauty of this versatile soup lies in its adaptability, allowing you to experiment with different types of miso until you find your ideal balance between saltiness and savory depth.

You may also wish to explore tofu additions when preparing your miso soup, adding soft cubes or slices that will absorb the rich broth, creating tender morsels bursting with flavor.

To create an unforgettable combination of tastes and textures at your table, serve piping hot bowls of miso soup alongside platters piled high with golden brown shrimp tempura and fluffy steamed rice.

Each bite will transport your guests on a culinary journey through Japan’s finest cuisine.

As we venture further into our exploration of perfect pairings for shrimp tempura let us turn our attention towards soba or udon noodles as another sumptuous side option.

3. Soba Or Udon Noodles

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the delectable and delicate flavors of shrimp tempura reach celestial heights when paired with an equally tantalizing side.

Look no further, because soba or udon noodles are here to sweep you off your feet! These Japanese noodle variations boast not only versatility but also complementary textures and tastes that elevate your shrimp tempura experience into pure culinary nirvana.


Soba Noodles With Dipping Sauce


Feast your eyes on these delightful ways to enjoy soba or udon noodles alongside your crispy shrimp tempura:

  • The invigorating bite of cold soba dipped in tsuyu sauce brings perfect balance to the warm crispiness of the tempura.
  • A steaming bowl of udon swimming in savory broth creates a comforting contrast against the crunchy golden crust.
  • An irresistible symphony is born by drizzling sesame oil over chilled noodles tossed with fresh vegetables and topped with succulent pieces of shrimp tempura.
  • For the ultimate gastronomic adventure, try combining both types of noodles in one dish for double the pleasure!

Embark on this sublime journey as you unravel new depths of flavor unlocked by pairing your beloved shrimp tempura with either soba or udon noodles. As you savor each mouthwatering morsel, allow yourself to be whisked away into a realm where creativity knows no bounds and every taste bud sings praises for such divine harmony.

And now, without further ado, let us continue onto exploring another enchanting accompaniment: vegetable stir-fry…

4. Vegetable Stir-Fry

  1. When it comes to choosing vegetables for your stir-fry, you can’t go wrong with a variety of colors and textures.
  2. For a perfect stir-fry, you need to make sure you’re using the right techniques. Heat your wok or skillet until it’s hot and add the vegetables in the order of their cooking time.
  3. If you want to add a little extra flavor to your stir-fry, marinating the vegetables beforehand is a great way to do it. I suggest marinating the vegetables in a mix of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
  4. Make sure you don’t marinate the vegetables for too long, or the flavor will be overpowering.
  5. Once you’ve got your vegetables marinated and ready to go, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious shrimp tempura stir-fry in no time.

Choosing Vegetables

As a lover of food, you’ll appreciate the importance of choosing the right vegetables for your stir-fry to be served alongside shrimp tempura.

It’s not merely about taste or texture – it’s also about creating an unforgettable experience that tantalizes all senses while ensuring a balanced and nutritious meal. Let me guide you through this essential step in crafting an exquisite Vegetable Stir-Fry.

As an Expert Chef, I always recommend selecting colorful veggies to make your culinary creation visually appealing as well as delicious.

Vibrant colors like red bell peppers, purple cabbage, bright green snow peas, and sunny yellow squash will create a stunning palette on your plate while adding various flavors and textures to delight the palate.

Don’t forget to consider seasonal options when picking out these ingredients; fresher produce often has superior flavor and can enhance the overall dish.

In addition to color, think about how each vegetable will interact with one another and contribute its unique qualities to the final product. For example, carrots provide sweetness and crunchiness, whereas mushrooms lend themselves more towards savoriness and tenderness.

By carefully curating your selection of vegetables for their complementary characteristics, you’re setting yourself up for success in achieving harmony within your Vegetable Stir-Fry masterpiece.

And remember – balance is key! Ensure there are enough contrasting elements so that no single ingredient overpowers or detracts from the others but rather works together cohesively to elevate every bite of this delectable accompaniment to shrimp tempura.

Stir-Fry Techniques

Now that you’ve got your colorful and well-balanced assortment of veggies, let’s talk about the art of stir-frying itself.

As an Expert Chef, I can’t stress enough the importance of mastering proper stir-fry techniques to ensure a perfectly cooked dish every time.

That means knowing how to use your wok efficiently and understanding which oils are best for cooking at high heat.

Wok selection is crucial; it’s absolutely worth investing in one made from carbon steel or cast iron that heats evenly, maintains its temperature throughout the process, and allows for easy tossing and stirring of ingredients.

When it comes to oil usage, opt for those with a high smoke point like peanut, grapeseed, or avocado oil – they’ll withstand the heat without breaking down, producing off-flavors or emitting harmful smoke.

As you embark on this culinary adventure of crafting a delicious Vegetable Stir-Fry to enhance your shrimp tempura experience, remember that patience and practice make perfect!

Keep honing your skills as you explore various combinations of vegetables and refine your technique until you create a truly mouth-watering masterpiece worthy of sharing with family and friends.

Marinating Vegetables

Now that you’ve mastered the art of selecting and prepping your veggies, let’s dive into the flavorful world of marinating them. Incorporating a vegetable marinade not only enhances their flavors but also adds an extra layer of depth to your dish.

As an Expert Chef, I can assure you that experimenting with various vegetable marinade options will elevate your Vegetable Stir-Fry game to new heights.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to concocting your own unique blends! Mix and match herbs, spices, oils, vinegars, or even citrus juices to find the perfect balance for your taste buds.

Remember – a good marinade should complement the natural flavors of your chosen vegetables without overpowering them.

For instance, if you’re planning on making marinated veggie skewers as a side dish or appetizer along with your shrimp tempura main course, try using olive oil infused with garlic and rosemary for a Mediterranean flair.

As you continue honing your culinary prowess in stir-frying and marinating vegetables alike, relish every moment spent discovering new flavor combinations and techniques that’ll leave everyone at the table craving more.

Keep pushing those boundaries, my fellow chefs – there’s no limit to what delightful dishes we can create together!

5. Seaweed Salad

Ah, the vibrant and delightful Seaweed Salad – a classic accompaniment to Shrimp Tempura that leaves an impression on both your palate and plate.

Not only does it provide a refreshing contrast of flavors and textures, but also boasts numerous seaweed health benefits.



As an Expert Chef, I can attest to the fact that incorporating this Asian-inspired salad into your meal elevates the dining experience tremendously.

When crafting the perfect Seaweed Salad to serve with your Shrimp Tempura, focus on selecting high-quality ingredients for maximum flavor impact.

A variety of seaweeds such as wakame, kombu, or nori will work wonderfully in combination with crunchy vegetables like cucumber and radish; toss them all together in a tangy dressing made from rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and sugar – you’ll be astonished at how well these simple elements harmonize together!

To further enhance your culinary prowess, consider utilizing some salad presentation tips: arrange the greens artfully atop a chilled glass dish or bamboo tray for added visual appeal.

To truly wow your dinner guests (and yourself!), don’t stop there – take this opportunity to introduce another delectable side dish alongside our beloved Seaweed Salad.

Pickled vegetables offer yet another layer of flavor complexity which complements beautifully with both the crispness of tempura shrimp and freshness provided by fragrant aquatic plants.

Now let us delve deeper into pickling techniques suitable for enhancing any Japanese-themed feast!

6. Pickled Vegetables

Did you know that there are over 4,000 known pickling techniques worldwide? That’s right; these tangy and crunchy delights have been an integral part of many cuisines for centuries.

Pickled vegetables make a fantastic side dish to serve with shrimp tempura as they provide the perfect contrast in taste and texture. Additionally, regional variations of pickles offer endless possibilities for pairing and experimentation.


Roasted Vegetables A Colorful Medley


Here are five types of pickled vegetables you can try serving alongside your shrimp tempura:

  • Tsukemono: A Japanese assortment of colorful pickles made from cucumber, daikon radish, eggplant, or cabbage seasoned with ingredients like salt, soy sauce, vinegar, miso paste, or sake.
  • Kimchi: This spicy Korean staple is usually made from fermented napa cabbage mixed with chili peppers, garlic, ginger, scallions and other seasonings.
  • Atchara: A Filipino favorite consisting of grated green papaya marinated in sugar cane vinegar along with carrots, bell peppers, and raisins.
  • Sauerkraut: Germany’s beloved fermented cabbage flavored with caraway seeds makes for a delightful international twist when served next to crispy tempura.
  • Tursu: Hailing from Turkey and the Middle East region, this diverse collection includes pickles made from cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, or even baby watermelon soaked in brine spiced up by herbs such as dill or mint.

The beauty of incorporating various styles of pickled vegetables into your meal lies not only in their ability to complement the rich flavors of fried foods but also in enhancing one’s appetite through stimulating taste buds.

Moreover, several health benefits come packed within each bite due to fermentation processes that promote good gut bacteria while preserving essential nutrients found within these vibrant veggies.

So go ahead – explore new ways to elevate your shrimp tempura experience by adding some deliciously sour crunch on the side. Up next, let’s dive into the world of edamame and how it can further enhance your meal.

7. Edamame

While pickled vegetables provide a tangy and crunchy accompaniment to shrimp tempura, another delightful side dish that offers an excellent contrast is edamame.

These young soybeans have become increasingly popular due to their delicious taste and numerous edamame health benefits. Packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, they are the perfect guilt-free option to nibble on alongside your crispy shrimp tempura.




Edamame can be served in various ways to suit any palate; you can boil or steam them for a simple yet satisfying snack or get more creative by adding flavor variations through different seasonings.

Sprinkle some sea salt over boiled edamame for a classic approach or toss steamed beans in sesame oil and garlic for an Asian twist. The versatility of this tiny green bean allows you to experiment with several flavors while still maintaining its nutritional value.

Here’s a quick reference table showcasing three scrumptious seasoning options:

ClassicSea salt
AsianSesame oil, minced garlic
SpicyChili flakes, lime zest

Pairing your shrimp tempura with impeccably seasoned edamame will surely elevate your dining experience. As each bite of succulent shrimp is complemented by tender and flavorful beans, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in culinary bliss.

Do not hesitate to share these delectable combinations with friends and family during special occasions or casual gatherings as they cater to all kinds of food enthusiasts.

The next mouthwatering side dish suggestion that pairs perfectly with the lightness of shrimp tempura is grilled asparagus…

8. Grilled Asparagus

Ah, grilled asparagus. The perfect side dish to a luxurious shrimp tempura that nobody ever thinks of pairing together. But why not? What better way to bring out the contrasting flavors and textures of your meal than by adding some charred flavor from this delectable green vegetable?


Grilled Asparagus Simple Elegance


As it turns out, there are several reasons why this vibrant pair will delight your taste buds.

  1. Complementary Flavors: Grilled asparagus has a slightly bitter yet sweet taste that complements the umami-richness of shrimp tempura.
  2. Contrasting Textures: Shrimp tempura’s crispy exterior contrasts beautifully with the tender bite of freshly grilled asparagus.
  3. Health Benefits Galore: Not only does asparagus nutrition offer vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, folate, and fiber, but it also contains antioxidants that promote overall health.

To get started on creating this mouthwatering masterpiece, choose fresh asparagus spears with tightly closed tips and firm stalks without any blemishes or soft spots.

Simply snap off the woody ends by bending each spear near its base until it naturally snaps – no need for fancy knife work here!

Then toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper before grilling over medium-high heat for about 5-7 minutes per side or until they have those gorgeous grill marks we all adore. Give them a squeeze of lemon juice just before serving to enhance their natural bright flavors even further.

But wait – can you hear that sizzle? That’s the sound of anticipation building up for what comes next in our culinary journey together: sushi rolls! Let us forge ahead into new depths of gastronomic pleasure…

9. Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls are a fantastic pairing to complement the crispy and delectable shrimp tempura. These delightful morsels of Japan’s culinary heritage offer an array of flavors, textures, and colors that will surely elevate your dining experience.

As you delve into the world of sushi, it is essential to be mindful of sushi etiquette – this includes using chopsticks properly, consuming each piece in one bite, and abstaining from drowning your sushi in soy sauce.


Sushi Rolls


When choosing sushi rolls to serve with shrimp tempura, consider opting for those with innovative fillings that can further enhance the flavors on your plate.

For instance, select rolls incorporating fresh fish such as salmon or tuna – their rich taste and buttery texture pair wonderfully with the crunchiness of the tempura batter.

Additionally, you may want to explore vegetarian alternatives like avocado or cucumber rolls for added freshness and variety. Dare to experiment with unconventional ingredients such as mango or even cream cheese; these might just surprise you by creating a memorable fusion dish!

Now that we have explored some enticing options for mouthwatering sushi roll combinations alongside our irresistible shrimp tempura, it is time to shift our focus onto another indispensable aspect: dipping sauces!

Don’t underestimate how much they contribute to elevating both taste and presentation.

With so many possibilities available for mixing sweet, tangy, spicy or umami tastes together into perfect harmony – there truly exists something divine for every palate out there.

Let us now proceed towards exploring various delightful elements which go into creating exquisite tempura dipping sauces that will make your meal unforgettable.

10. Tempura Dipping Sauce

When serving shrimp tempura, I recommend a variety of sauces to enhance the flavor.

For example, a soy-based sauce is a traditional option with a savory flavor.


Dipping Sauce


Alternatively, a spicy sauce is also a great choice for those who like a bit of heat.

Lastly, a citrus-based sauce is a great option for a light and refreshing flavor.

All three sauces will work great with shrimp tempura and will provide a delightful experience for your diners.

Soy-Based Sauce

You’ve just made the most mouthwatering shrimp tempura, and now it’s time to take your dish to new heights with a scrumptious soy-based dipping sauce.

As an expert chef, I am here to guide you through creating a versatile and delectable dipping sauce that will leave your guests wanting more.

There are many soy sauce alternatives available on the market today which can cater to specific dietary needs or preferences while still providing that rich umami flavor we all crave.

First off, let me introduce you to Tamari, a gluten-free option perfect for those who may have allergies or intolerances but don’t want to miss out on this savory delight.

Made from fermented soybeans, tamari has a thicker consistency and richer taste compared to traditional soy sauce.

Combine it with some rice vinegar, grated ginger and garlic, a touch of honey or maple syrup for sweetness, and perhaps even a splash of sesame oil if you’re feeling daring – voila! You have yourself one unique dipping option tailored specifically for your gathering.

Another great avenue worth exploring is coconut amino; not only does this marvelous ingredient provide an excellent alternative for our friends following Paleo diets, but its sweeter profile also lends itself well when paired alongside bolder elements like lime juice and fresh herbs such as cilantro or basil.

An exquisite balance between sweet and tangy awaits those willing to experiment with these less orthodox combinations in their quest for culinary excellence. Remember: there’s no need to stick solely within the realms of conventional wisdom when devising your very own signature Tempura Dipping Sauce – dare to be different and reap the rewards!

Spicy Sauce

Now that we’ve explored some delicious soy-based alternatives, let’s turn up the heat and dive into the world of spicy sauces for your tempura dipping pleasure.

There’s something truly magical about a chili garlic pairing or an enticing sriracha drizzle, elevating your dish to new realms of flavor sensations.

As an expert chef, I encourage you to embrace the fiery depths of these bold ingredients and create a memorable dining experience for all.

For those who love a little kick in their sauce, combining tamari or coconut amino with chili paste, minced garlic, and even some fresh lime juice can really pack a punch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of chilies, such as jalapeños or Thai bird chilis – this is where you get to unleash your inner master chef!

And if you’re looking for that extra element of surprise, try adding a touch of sweetener like honey or agave syrup to balance out the heat.

Your guests will surely appreciate the tantalizing dance between sweet and spicy on their taste buds.

As parting words of culinary wisdom: remember that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to crafting your own unique tempura dipping sauce.

Whether you choose a soy-based concoction or venture into spicier territory with chili-infused delights, there’s always room for innovation in the kitchen.

So go ahead – mix things up, add some zest to your next meal, and watch as your creations leave everyone at the table craving more!

Citrus-Based Sauce

Now that we’ve ventured into the realm of spicy sauces, let’s take a refreshing turn and explore citrus-based concoctions for your tempura dipping pleasure.

There’s something undeniably invigorating about incorporating tangy flavors like lemon or lime to add some zing to your dish – much like those delightful garnishes on zesty cocktails.

As an expert chef, I can assure you that combining vibrant citrus notes with savory ingredients creates an unforgettable taste sensation.

Try experimenting with soy sauce or tamari mixed with freshly squeezed orange or yuzu juice, perhaps even adding a splash of rice vinegar for extra tanginess.

Don’t forget to throw in some minced garlic and ginger for added depth and complexity!

I promise you won’t regret taking this exhilarating journey through the world of citrus-infused tempura dipping sauces.

With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll be able to craft a tantalizing blend that will leave your guests craving more – and maybe even inspire them to try their own hand at creating culinary masterpieces!

11. Ponzu Sauce

Ah, the delightful Ponzu Sauce – a perfect companion to your shrimp tempura! With its tangy citrus twist and savory depth, this versatile sauce takes your dish to new heights.

A blend of soy sauce, lemon juice, mirin, and rice vinegar creates an explosion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.


Ponzu Sauce


When it comes to unique pairings with shrimp tempura, nothing quite compares to the refreshing taste of ponzu sauce. Its combination of sweet and sour elements complements the crispiness of the shrimp perfectly while adding a much-needed burst of acidity.

The beauty in this pairing lies not just in the flavor profile but also in how easy it is to make at home. Simply combine equal parts soy sauce, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice (or even better – yuzu if available), rice vinegar, and mirin into a bowl.

Add some thinly sliced green onions for an extra kick and voila! Your homemade ponzu sauce is ready to elevate your shrimp tempura experience.

As we continue our journey exploring delectable sauces for shrimp tempura, let’s delve into another fantastic option: spicy mayo.

This creamy yet fiery concoction adds richness and heat that works wonders alongside your crispy fried seafood delight. So without further ado…

12. Spicy Mayo

Ah, spicy mayo – a classic and delectable choice to serve alongside shrimp tempura. Let’s dive into the world of spicy mayo variations that will elevate your dish to new heights.

You can customize your own by starting with a base of mayonnaise (Japanese Kewpie mayo is preferred) and adding ingredients such as sriracha, chili paste, or even gochujang for a Korean twist!


mayonnaise served in a bowl


Adjusting the heat according to personal preference is key, but don’t forget to add hints of sweetness with honey or sugar and acidity from lime juice or rice vinegar for balance.

Now let’s explore some mayo alternatives for those who crave variety or have dietary restrictions.

There are several options available on the market, including vegan mayos made from aquafaba or soy protein, which imitate the creamy texture without any animal products.

For our health-conscious friends out there, Greek yogurt serves as an excellent substitute; it provides that rich consistency while also packing in extra protein and fewer calories.

Blend these alternative bases with similar spices mentioned earlier, and you’ll find yourself enjoying a tasty condiment tailored just for you!

As we savor each bite of crispy shrimp tempura dipped in our custom-made spicy mayo concoction, remember this:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to experimenting with flavors and textures in creating dipping sauces.

With so many combinations at your disposal, take this opportunity to unleash your inner chef creativity and impress guests at your next dinner party.

And speaking of impressive dipping sauces…

13. Soy-Ginger Sauce

Oh, you thought shrimp tempura couldn’t get any better? Well, prepare to be amazed as we introduce the perfect accompaniment: Soy-Ginger Sauce.

This delectable dipping sauce not only enhances the flavor of your crispy shrimp tempura but also brings some incredible ginger health benefits to the table.

Trust me when I say that once you’ve tried this combination, there’s no going back.


Soy-Ginger Sauce


Let me share with you a simple yet exquisite recipe for soy-ginger sauce:

  • 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce (or soy sauce alternatives like coconut aminos or tamari)
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Whisk these ingredients together until smooth and well-combined; then let it sit for about five minutes to allow flavors to meld.

The result is an irresistible blend of salty, tangy, spicy, and sweet—a true symphony of tastes that will leave your palate craving more.

Feel free to experiment with different seasonings—perhaps adding minced garlic, chopped green onions, or even sesame oil—to create new variations of this classic sauce.

You can also adjust the proportions to suit your taste preferences. And remember: while traditional soy sauce offers deep umami notes that are hard to replicate, don’t hesitate to explore healthier options by trying various soy sauce alternatives on the market today!


In conclusion, there’s no denying that shrimp tempura is a delicious and versatile dish. With so many tasty accompaniments to choose from, you’ll never run out of creative ways to serve it up.

Personally, I love pairing my shrimp tempura with steamed rice or soba noodles and a tangy soy-ginger sauce.

Did you know that the average American consumes over 4 pounds of shrimp per year? Impress your friends and family by serving them a restaurant-quality meal featuring perfectly cooked shrimp tempura alongside some of these scrumptious side dishes!

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