What To Serve With Au Gratin Potatoes?

When you’ve got a piping hot dish of creamy, cheesy au gratin potatoes coming out of the oven, it’s hard not to be excited about dinner. This classic comfort food is always a hit at family gatherings and holiday feasts; however, planning what else to serve alongside this indulgent side can sometimes prove challenging.

But don’t worry – we’re here with some mouthwatering suggestions that’ll take your meal from good to unforgettable.

As versatile as they are delicious, au gratin potatoes pair beautifully with an array of main courses and other sides. You simply need to consider flavors and textures that will complement rather than compete with the rich creaminess of the spuds.

Whether you’re serving up a casual weeknight dinner or entertaining guests for a fancy soiree, these menu ideas will help you create the perfect spread that everyone’s taste buds will thank you for.

Why These Side Dishes Goes Well With Au Gratin Potatoes – By Chef Natalie

To save you time, and to make your decision easy, I have built a nice chart on why these side dishes go well with Au Gratin Potatoes!

Side DishWhy it Goes Well with Au Gratin Potatoes
Succulent Roast Beef or HamThe rich and savory flavor of roast beef or ham pairs well with the creamy and cheesy texture of au gratin potatoes. The combination of the two creates a hearty and satisfying meal.
Flavorful Grilled Chicken or FishThe light and fresh flavor of grilled chicken or fish complements the richness of the au gratin potatoes, creating a balanced and flavorful meal. The protein in the chicken or fish also adds a healthy component to the meal.
Crisp Green Salad with Tangy VinaigretteThe crisp texture of the salad provides a refreshing contrast to the creamy and cheesy texture of the potatoes. The tangy vinaigrette adds a bright and acidic element to the meal, balancing out the richness of the potatoes.
Steamed or Roasted VegetablesThe light and healthy components of the vegetables provide a contrast to the rich and hearty au gratin potatoes. The flavors and textures of the vegetables also add a nice variety to the meal.
Fresh Dinner Rolls or Crusty BreadBread provides a nice vehicle for soaking up any excess sauce or gravy from the au gratin potatoes. The crispy texture of the crust also provides a nice contrast to the creamy texture of the potatoes.
Decadent Mushroom SauceThe earthy and savory flavor of the mushroom sauce complements the richness of the au gratin potatoes, creating a delicious and indulgent flavor profile.
A Light and Refreshing DessertA light dessert such as fruit or sorbet provides a refreshing finish to the meal, cleansing the palate and balancing out the richness of the potatoes.

Let’s dive into the details of every side dish that you can serve with Au Gratin Potatoes

Au Gratin Potatoes

1. Succulent Roast Beef Or Ham

When it comes to partnering with your au gratin potatoes, a delightful dance of flavors awaits with the introduction of some succulent roast beef or ham.

The tender and juicy meat will not only elevate your dining experience but also complement the creamy, cheesy goodness that is au gratin potatoes. Allow yourself to be transported into gastronomic bliss as these two culinary delights merge on your plate.

Another mouthwatering option for harmonizing with au gratin potatoes would be hearty stews or creative meatloaf variations. These comforting dishes share elements of warmth and richness which pair flawlessly with the crispy topping and velvety layers of this potato side dish.

Whether you choose a classic beef stew simmered in red wine or an innovative turkey-spinach meatloaf, your taste buds are sure to appreciate the symphony of tastes that these dynamic duos create together.

As you embark on this exciting journey through flavor town, keep in mind that there is no limit when it comes to pairing possibilities.

You may find yourself exploring unconventional combinations like seared scallops, coconut curry shrimp, or even Mediterranean-inspired roasted vegetables alongside those indulgent au gratin potatoes. Remember, food should always be an adventure – so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and let your culinary creativity run wild!

2. Flavorful Grilled Chicken Or Fish

An excellent choice to pair with your scrumptious au gratin potatoes is a mouthwatering grilled chicken or fish. Elevate your protein game by exploring spicy marinades and unique seasoning blends that accentuate the rich, creamy flavors of those perfectly cooked spuds. Delight your taste buds and impress your guests by grilling up an unforgettable main course.

Flavorful Grilled Chicken Or Fish

When selecting your perfect partner for au gratin potatoes:

  • Opt for leaner cuts of chicken like breasts or tenderloins as they absorb more flavor from the marinade.
  • Choose firm white fish such as halibut, cod, or snapper which hold their shape on the grill while absorbing seasonings beautifully.
  • Experiment with bold spices like cumin, paprika, and chili powder in various combinations to create distinct rubs bursting with personality.
  • Tickle everyone’s palate with tangy citrus-based marinades featuring lemon, lime, or orange juice accompanied by garlic and fresh herbs.
  • Play around with sweet heat using honey or brown sugar combined with fiery components like hot sauce or red pepper flakes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a harmonious symphony between succulent grilled meats and indulgent au gratin potatoes. The key is balancing out the richness of your side dish with robustly flavored proteins that complement rather than overpower each other.

So don’t be afraid to step outside of traditional comfort zones – mixing things up will make every bite memorable.

As you serve up this heavenly combination at your next gathering, watch eyes widen in anticipation and delight wash over faces as forks pierce through crispy potato crusts into gooey cheese sauces before scooping delicate bites of juicy grilled goodness onto plates.

With contrasting textures dancing together gracefully across palates, you’ll discover why this pairing has become a timeless classic that continues to tantalize taste buds around the world.

Bon appétit!

3. Crisp Green Salad With Tangy Vinaigrette

While you’re busy grilling that mouth-watering chicken or fish, don’t forget to toss together a fresh and crisp green salad with tangy vinaigrette. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your au gratin potatoes, balancing out their rich creaminess with bright flavors and textures. A well-crafted salad will not only add an extra layer of taste but also make for a visually appealing plate.

Crisp Green Salad With Tangy Vinaigrette

To create this vibrant side dish, start by selecting a variety of greens as your base – think mixed baby lettuce, spinach, arugula, romaine, or even some shredded kale. Now comes the fun part: adding colorful ingredients and creative toppings! Here are some salad ingredient ideas to get you started:

Salad IngredientDescription
Cherry TomatoesAdd pops of color and juicy sweetness.
Red OnionThinly sliced for mild heat and crunch.
Bell PeppersChoose from red, yellow, or orange varieties for added vibrancy.
Goat CheeseCreamy tanginess complements the dressing beautifully.

As for the star of the show – the tangy vinaigrette – there are numerous variations to explore that can elevate your salad experience without much effort. For instance, switch up classic balsamic vinegar with raspberry or champagne vinegar instead. You could also experiment with different oils such as walnut oil or avocado oil in place of olive oil for unique flavor profiles.

With countless combinations at your disposal, it’s easy to craft a refreshing yet satisfying crisp green salad topped off with an enticing tangy vinaigrette. Not only does it provide delightful contrast against creamy au gratin potatoes and succulent grilled proteins on your dinner table but keeps guests coming back for seconds too!

So go ahead—mix and match those ingredients—and watch how effortlessly your meal transforms into an unforgettable gastronomic affair.

4. Steamed Or Roasted Vegetables

Steaming vegetables is a great way to maintain their natural flavor, texture, and nutrients – making it an ideal accompaniment to any dish.

Roasting vegetables, on the other hand, gives them a more caramelized, sweet flavor that can really elevate a dish, like au gratin potatoes.

Steamed Vegetable Medley

You can’t go wrong with either option, so it’s up to you to decide which route to take!

Whichever you choose, your potatoes will be in good company.

Steaming Vegetables

Steaming vegetables is an excellent method for preparing colorful veggie medleys that complement the richness of au gratin potatoes. One can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment when they’ve created a vibrant, healthy side dish using this simple cooking technique. The beauty of steaming lies in its ability to maintain the integrity and nutrients of the vegetables while allowing their natural flavors to shine through.

Creative seasoning techniques are key when it comes to elevating your steamed veggies from ordinary to extraordinary. For instance, try tossing freshly steamed green beans with lemon zest, garlic, and toasted almonds or experiment by drizzling some balsamic glaze on top of tender-crisp asparagus spears. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with herbs and spices – you’ll find that even just a sprinkle of fresh dill over buttered carrots can elevate them into something truly special.

As you continue exploring different flavor combinations, you may discover that there’s no limit to what you can achieve within the realm of steamed vegetable dishes! Of course, one mustn’t overlook the importance of presentation when serving up these delectable delights alongside indulgent au gratin potatoes. Layering contrasting colors like bright orange butternut squash cubes next to deep purple beet wedges will make for an eye-catching display on any dining table.

Remember that we eat first with our eyes; therefore, taking time to thoughtfully arrange your steamed veggies will not only enhance their visual appeal but also entice everyone at the table to dig in and enjoy!

Roasting Vegetables

Now that we’ve explored the wonderful world of steaming vegetables, let’s turn our attention to another equally delightful technique: roasting.

There’s something undeniably satisfying about pulling a tray of beautifully caramelized veggies from the oven – their enticing aromas wafting through your kitchen and promising a flavor-packed eating experience.

Roasted vegetables offer a delicious contrast to steamed ones, as they develop deep, rich flavors and textures while still retaining their nutrients.

You’ll find that colorful skewers or veggie medleys become even more vibrant when roasted, with each ingredient taking on its own unique hue thanks to the Maillard reaction at play in the high heat of your oven.

Imagine biting into tender-crisp bell peppers alongside sweet cherry tomatoes and earthy mushrooms, all brought together by a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt. It’s no wonder that roasted veggies have captured the hearts (and stomachs) of so many home cooks!

Incorporating roasted vegetables into your repertoire allows you to create dishes that are not only visually stunning but also brimming with robust flavor profiles sure to impress any guest at your table.

Whether served alongside au gratin potatoes or piled atop warm quinoa, these versatile veggies make for an unforgettable culinary experience every time.

5. Fresh Dinner Rolls Or Crusty Bread

Baskets brimming with beautiful breads beckon at dinnertime, making these perfect partners for your au gratin potatoes. Fresh dinner rolls or crusty bread not only provide a satisfying crunch to contrast the creamy potato dish, but they also help sop up any delectable sauce left behind on the plate.

Delightful aromas wafting from warm loaves will entice your guests and elevate your meal to new heights.

Fresh Dinner Rolls Or Crusty Bread

Consider an assortment of enticing options:

  • Buttery croissants: Their flaky layers and rich taste make them ideal companions for indulgent au gratin potatoes.
  • Artisan sourdough: The tanginess of sourdough offers a wonderful counterbalance to the richness of cheesy potatoes.
  • Classic French baguettes: With their unmistakably crispy exterior and soft interior, baguettes effortlessly complement a variety of dishes.

The key is selecting high-quality bread that matches both the flavor profile and texture of your scrumptious spuds. For instance, you might opt for buttery croissants if you’re serving a decadent version of au gratin potatoes laden with cream and cheese; artisan sourdough would be better suited to lighter variations with bright flavors like garlic or fresh herbs.

Whichever type of bread you choose, don’t forget to offer some real butter – perhaps even flavored with chives, roasted garlic, or sun-dried tomatoes – to enhance this delightful duo further.

Your guests are sure to appreciate the attention paid to every aspect of the meal as they devour each delicious bite.

6. Decadent Mushroom Sauce

This decadent mushroom sauce is made with fresh mushrooms, heavy cream, and a hint of garlic and shallots. It’s easy to make and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.

Decadent Mushroom Sauce

Serve this delicious sauce over au gratin potatoes for a complete meal. If you’re looking for a sophisticated side, try pairing the sauce with roasted asparagus or grilled zucchini. For a heartier dish, serve it over roasted chicken for a unique twist on a classic.

All in all, this mushroom sauce is a must-try for anyone looking for a flavorful and indulgent dinner.


Picture this: a velvety, rich mushroom sauce draping itself over golden au gratin potatoes, creating an unforgettable marriage of flavors. It’s the kind of dish that’ll have your guests begging for seconds and marveling at your culinary genius. And it all starts with selecting the perfect ingredients.

The foundation of any great mushroom sauce is, of course, the mushrooms themselves. Choose plump, firm beauties that seem to be bursting with earthy goodness – think portobello or cremini varieties for their unbeatable texture and flavor.

Next up are unique cheeses like Gruyère or fontina which melt seamlessly into the base of the sauce while adding depth and complexity; but don’t shy away from experimenting with other artisanal offerings as well!

Now let’s talk about unconventional spices – because no one wants a run-of-the-mill mushroom sauce when they could have something extraordinary instead. Consider infusing your creation with smoky paprika, aromatic cardamom, or even a touch of cinnamon to elevate it to new heights.

And then there are those secret little touches that make all the difference in crafting a truly decadent mushroom sauce. A splash of dry white wine adds brightness and acidity while helping to deglaze the pan after sautéing your mushrooms; heavy cream brings unadulterated richness and silkiness; fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary impart subtle yet unmistakable aromas; and finally, just enough butter stirred in at the end lends that irresistible glossy sheen we all crave on our plates.

With these elements combined in perfect harmony, you’ll find yourself serving up not only phenomenal au gratin potatoes but also memories that will last a lifetime.


Now that we’ve gathered our all-star lineup of ingredients, it’s time to dive into the delightful process of preparing this decadent mushroom sauce.

You may find yourself humming along to your favorite tunes as you chop and sauté, knowing full well that each step is bringing you closer to culinary bliss.

And while your au gratin potatoes are bubbling away in the oven, don’t be afraid to play around with potato variations – perhaps layering thinly sliced sweet potatoes or even a mix of russets and Yukon Golds for an extra touch of intrigue.

As you build your sauce, let your creativity flow by adding unexpected but oh-so-delicious toppings like crispy fried shallots or pancetta crumbles for added texture and flavor.

Remember, there’s no limit to what you can achieve when infusing love and imagination into every dish!

So go ahead: break out those cherished heirlooms passed down from generations before; put on some music that sparks joy; pour yourself a glass of wine—or two—and savor the journey just as much as the destination.

By following these suggestions and letting your inner food artist shine through, not only will you end up with a mouthwatering mushroom sauce worthy of any gourmet kitchen, but also memories filled with laughter, warmth, and good times shared around the table.

‘Cause after all, isn’t that what cooking is really about?


Now that we’ve unlocked the secrets to crafting a truly divine mushroom sauce, it’s time for us to explore the world of pairings.

After all, what’s a star without its supporting cast?

With each forkful or spoonful you take, let your taste buds dance and rejoice as they revel in the symphony of flavors our delectable sauce brings forth.

As you embark on this gastronomical adventure, consider pairing beverages that will elevate and complement your creation.

A full-bodied red wine such as a Pinot Noir or Merlot would effortlessly highlight the earthy notes of mushrooms while providing enough acidity to cut through any richness from cream or cheese components.

For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, a refreshing sparkling water with a twist of lemon can provide just the right balance of crispness and zest needed to cleanse one’s palate between bites.

And don’t forget about cultural variations – imagine how delightful your mushroom sauce would be atop steaming bowls of polenta or enriching plates piled high with fragrant jasmine rice; there are endless possibilities when embracing global culinary traditions!

So go on, my fellow food enthusiasts: unleash your inner sommelier, experiment with unexpected flavor combinations, and indulge in the limitless potential of versatile ingredients like our beloved mushroom sauce.

In doing so, not only will you discover newfound joy within every bite but also create lasting memories filled with laughter and love around the table.

7. A Light And Refreshing Dessert

After indulging in the creamy, savory goodness of au gratin potatoes, it’s time to cleanse your palate and make room for a light and refreshing dessert.

A fruit sorbet exploration is just what you need – an array of delightful flavors that dance on the tongue, awakening dormant taste buds with their fruity freshness. From tangy raspberry to sweet mango, from zesty lime to fragrant passionfruit, each spoonful will transport you into a realm of pure bliss.

Refreshing Dessert

As we delve deeper into our citrus dessert wonders, let us not forget the magic that lies within lemon and orange treats. With their bright colors and bold flavors, these desserts evoke memories of sunshine-filled days spent picnicking under gentle breezes or sipping cocktails beside crystal-clear waters.

Whether it’s a tart lemon meringue pie or delicate orange blossom panna cotta, there’s no denying the power these fruits have over our senses.

So go ahead – treat yourself to that scoop (or two) of luscious fruit sorbets while basking in the warmth of good company and great food. You’ve earned it after feasting on those delectable au gratin potatoes!

Let each bite take you on a journey through crisp orchards and sun-kissed groves as you surrender to the irresistible charm of these simple yet sophisticated delights.

It’s moments like these when we are reminded again how truly wonderful life can be.


In conclusion, it’s clear that au gratin potatoes deserve a spot at your dinner table. They’re versatile enough to pair with almost any main course, whether you opt for succulent roast beef or flavorful grilled chicken.

Don’t forget the delicious sides and dessert – after all, variety is the spice of life!

With these delightful accompaniments in tow, you’ll be sure to impress your guests and leave them craving more of your culinary creations.

Bon appétit!

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