How Much Electricity Does An Air Fryer Use?

Air fryers are extraordinary kitchen appliances that turn your diet healthier and improve your cooking experience. The food cooks faster using only a fraction of oil. Just like other kitchen appliances, air fryers are powered by electricity as well.

They use electricity to power up the heating element, which, in turn, heats the air that cooks the food. People are often concerned about how much electricity does an air fryer use. The answer lies in the wattage an air fryer uses. Keep in mind that an air fryer that uses higher wattage will consume more electricity. The more electricity it consumes, the faster it cooks your food.

If you are cooking simple foods like fries or wings, you can make do with less powerful fryers. If you will be cooking large and complex meals, you should use powerful fryers with higher wattage.

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Why Change Wattage On Air Fryer?

A new feature that is being included in the newer air fryer models is the ability to change the wattage. This feature allows you to increase or decrease the wattage your fryer can use while cooking.

This increases the adaptability of the air fryer and makes it more efficient. For example, if you are on a camping trip and have a smaller power source you can reduce the wattage and cook while camping.

Air Fryer’s Settings:

The higher wattage a fryer uses, the more settings it will be able to support. A fryer that uses 1700 watts can generate higher temperatures and cook for a longer time. You can also prepare a wider range of meals.

Air Fryer’s Size:

An air fryer with a large cooking capacity will use higher wattage. Only then it will be able to cook the food fast and in the right way. If you cook 6 quarts of food in a 1000 watts air fryer, the food will be undercooked.

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Air Fryer’s Power Consumption Compared To Other Appliances

Air fryers are electric appliances that use electricity to power up the heating element and cook our food. Similarly, other appliances like a deep fryer or an oven also use electricity.

How much power does each appliance consumes depends on the wattage it uses. The higher the wattage, the more power it consumes. Deep fryers and air fryers have a similar range of wattage and hence consume similar levels of power.

Generally, air fryer wattages range between 800-2000 watts, and deep fryer’s wattages range between 1000-3000 watts. The difference in power consumption comes because of the difference in cooking time. Air fryers cook food up to 30% faster than deep fryers because there is no preheating required.

While in deep fryers, before cooking, you need to wait for the oil to heat up. On the other hand, the electric oven uses higher wattage and consumes more power than these two. The wattage range of an electric oven is between 2500-4000 watts.

Since electric ovens require preheating, their power consumption is higher than both deep and air fryers.

Air fryers consume the lowest power out of these cooking appliances. However, there is no need to worry as none of the appliances consume extraordinary power.

Are Air Fryers Energy Efficient And Economical?

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Yes, air fryers are energy-efficient and economical, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Air fryers are energy efficient because of the low cooking time.

Air fryers cook 30% faster than deep fryers or electric ovens. Unlike deep fryers, you do not need to preheat the air fryers or wait for the oil to be ready.

You just plug the fryer in and start cooking. The multiple functionalities in a single unit increase the economical value of an air fryer. You can bake, roast, grill, fry, and do much more in an air fryer. This saves you the time and money you will have to spend on your stove or other appliances.

Air Fryer Wattages:

Another reason air fryers are economical is their low wattage use. Air fryers generally use 800-2000 watts depending on their size and features. The higher the wattage of the air fryer, the faster it will cook. The increase in wattage will also increase power consumption.

Some of the best air fryers use 1200-1500 watts because this is the optimal wattage range. The range is perfect for fast cooking and low power consumption.

Are Air Fryers Suitable For RVs And Campers?

In our opinion, air fryers are a must-have for campers and RV travelers. Air fryers are compact and lightweight cooking appliances that allow you to cook a variety of meals in no time. With an air fryer, you can bake, roast, and grill your favorite foods on the go. Imagine you are on a road trip in an RV and suddenly crave a grilled steak.

You can easily prepare that in your air fryer without stopping. Air fryers cook fast and use very little power to cook tasty and healthy foods. Something that can be difficult to find when traveling, especially when camping.

Campers are well aware of the troubles of preparing meals on a mountain or in a forest. If you take an air fryer along, all that trouble is gone. You can improve your senior’s quality of life and prepare healthy meals in no time.

The only thing you will need to consider is having a power source available. In an RV, the fryer can be plugged into any of the outlets because air fryers do not require a large amount of power. While camping, you will need a reliable power source like a small generator.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Fryer?

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Air fryers are a very cost-effective kitchen appliance. In the US, you can buy a decent air fryer for under $100. If you are looking for premium quality air fryers, the cost will be between $200-$400.

The running cost of an air fryer depends upon the wattage of your air fryer. The higher the wattage, the more power it consumes. The wattage depends on the following two factors- the fryer’s features and cooking capacity. If a fryer has lots of features and high cooking capacity, it will use high wattage.

If a fryer has few features and a small cooking capacity, it will use low wattage. To put all this into perspective, running 3 quarts air fryer with 1400 wattage for 15 minutes will cost you about $0.04.

Running a 6 quarts air fryer with 1700 wattage for 15 minutes will cost you about $0.22. Of course, these calculations will vary depending upon the unit price of electricity in your state. In short, running an air fryer is very economical and it does not increase your electricity bills drastically. If anything, using an air fryer in place of several other appliances will reduce your electricity bill.


We hope this article answers your question about how much electricity does an air fryer use. To summarize it into one line, air fryers do not use more electricity than other cooking appliances. In fact, air fryers cook faster than deep fryers and ovens which reduces power consumption. So, switching to air fryers is not only healthy but more efficient and economical.


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