How long does fudge last in your fridge

A sweet bite of fudge makes it more mouthwatering when it melts in the mouth due to its soft- smooth texture. It is made up of butter, milk, and sugar. All the ingredients are a mix, heated, and then cooled meticulously to maintain fudge texture.

It comes in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and peanut butter. Each one of them has its own taste and feel. You can have a variety of its according to your mood by exploring the world of flavors.

But when it comes to enjoying the fudge bites with friends, you must consider that how long does fudge last? So, that you can serve it quickly without going through a brawl of cooking.

How long you can store fudge to prevent it from moisture? If you are looking for such stuff then you are in right place. Let’s discuss its storage in detail.

How to store fudge?

The fudge delicacy depends on the way you prefer to store it and its variety. Some prefer to keep it at room temperature, some freeze them or keep them in the fridge.

Its maintain their texture differently according to conditions. But it is preferred to keep them in an airtight container, tin, or plastic wrap.

The temperature while preparing it also affects its quality a lot. High heat make fudges hard and less tasty while low flame causes wetness and squash in them. An accurate temperature is a must to increase the storage time of fudges once they are prepared.

Fudge storage in the fridge

Fudge can last for 2-3 weeks in the fridge if they are stored properly. Use an airtight container and waxed paper between each layer of its pieces. It will keep them soft but not damped.

The airtight container also keeps fudges away from the scent inside the fridge. So it is better to store them properly. But make sure that don’t store them for more than 3 weeks as they expire.

Fudge storage at room temperature

The room temperature environment goes through different variations as light, moisture, and temperature change. Keep your fudges in a box or container that closes tightly so no air can affect them.

For more protection, use waxed paper between fudges. Try to keep them in a cold dry place so that they don’t melt otherwise they lose their taste and texture.

You can place your container in a cupboard or openly on the counter but make sure that there should be no sunlight on it.

Fudge storage in the freezer

If you are looking for fudge storage that lasts up to 2-3 months then you can freeze them. While you are freezing them make sure that its are completely wrapped to keep them free from moisture and air.

First, wrap it in waxed paper, then enfold it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. It will not allow other flavoring items in the freezer to spoil the fudge taste.

Then place it in a freezer bag and store it in the backside of the freezer. Because the temperature at the backside of the freezer varies less.

Signs fudge has gone bad

There are some signs that warn you that your fudge has gone bad. Here are some of them

  • If fudge becomes hard, dried, and lost taste, then it has gone bad.
  • If you are using store-made fudge, then check their expiry date. Expiry fudges are not worthy to eat.
  • Don’t eat fudge that is stored for more than 1-2 weeks at room temperature and 3 weeks on the fridge.
  • When you defrost fudge and it is moist or squashy then don’t consume it.
  • Temperature variation causes mold and a bad smell in fudge, so it is a sign that you should avoid such fudge.


Difference between store made and homemade fudges life

Store-made fudges last longer as compared to homemade fudges because manufacturers take full measures that they are not going to use immediately. In the contrast, homemade fudge has less shelf life and should be consumed in a short time.

It is better to use store-made fudge if you are planning to store it for a longer time. They have a complete description on their labels that how long you can store it at different places.

Don’t store fudge as a whole, cut the fudge into bite-size and wrap in waxed paper separately. In this way, you can serve fudge according to your need without destroying the quality of the whole fudge.

Added flavors role in fudge

Flavors that are added play a vital role in the freshness of fudges. Fudge that is made up of more oil and butter stays fresh and tasty for a longer time. The basic ingredients remain the same for all types of fudges but flavor varies.

Always add such spices or flavors in fudge that doesn’t alter much when stored for a longer time. Rotten flavor smashes the delicious taste of fudge so be careful while adding flavor to it.

Can you freeze fudge?

Yes, you can store fudge but it is not practical to store it for more than 3 months. Although you choose fudge flavors wisely, they still it has the capability to spoil.

The butter as a mandatory element of fudge alters its taste after a specific time. Fudge smells bad and tastes differently if store for more than 3 months.

How can you defrost the fudge?

The best way to defrost the fudge is to place it at room temperature at least 4 hours before eating. Fudge can also be eaten directly without defrosting, so one can defrost it according to choice.

If you are defrosting the fudge that has been stored for a long, then check out the expiry signs cautiously.

Can old fudge make you feel bad?

The probability of fudge making you feel sick is very less. Fudge goes bad due to environmental variations like temperature, air, and moisture.

It destroys its texture and taste. But due to the high content of sugar fudge remain stable and won’t make anyone sick. Still, you should take precautionary measures to avoid any mishap.

 What can I do with old fudge?

If you have a lot of fudge left, then freeze it or just melt it and use it as a cake filling. You can use it in many bakery items like icing, cookies, and cake batter. It makes cakes and cookies more delicious by their taste and texture.

How can you make fudge soft again?

Fudge usually gets hard after cooling when it is cooked at a high temperature. You can soft it by putting it in a plastic bag.

Place damped towel or bread piece in the plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag and left it overnight. It absorbs moisture from towels or bread and the fudge will soften.

Can you store homemade fudge in the fridge?

Usually, it is not preferred to store homemade fudge in the fridge. Fudge keeps its freshness and taste even when it is placed in a sealed container at room temperature. Fudge lasts for about 2 weeks when placed in a dry cold place. However, you can place it in the fridge it extends its life to 3 weeks.

How long does it take for the fudge to reset?

Fudge takes about 3 hours after cooking to reset. Place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours or you can place it at room temperature overnight to set properly.


Fudge delighted many for its delicious taste and texture. We discussed in detail that how can you store fudge. All you have to do is to keep fudge away from moisture and air. It will keep it fresh longer and tastes better. We also discussed some of the questions that you can consider while making fudge. Comment and give your feedback below. We are looking forward to answering your queries. Have delicious fudge bites.


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