How long does broccoli last in The Fridge

People love to keep their diet healthy and fresh, and vegetables fulfill this criterion very well. That’s why people prefer to store food for future reuse.

But it is heartbreaking to see the vegetables getting bad day by day when stored for a long time. This is not only the wastage of food but also gets heavy on your pocket.

Broccoli has the bigger heads, and mostly it is not consumed fully at one time. In this situation, you are left with the option of storage only.

The freshness and taste of the broccoli depend upon the way you choose to store it. Because no one wants to see it getting mold and spoil in few days.

If you are going through the same situation and looking for some magic that keeps it fresh then you are in right place. Let’s discuss in detail how long does broccoli lasts and which method you can adopt for storing.

How to store broccoli?

Storing broccoli in the fridge is an option that first pops up in your mind. But if you are thinking of storing it in an airtight bag like other foods then don’t do this.

Because it has the ability to grow further in absence of air. However, there are many other methods that you can consider for storing it in the fridge.

Storing broccoli in a paper towel 

Take a damp paper towel and loosely wrap it in. Place the wrapped broccoli at the back of the fridge. Make sure you don’t wet it because of too much moist mold and spoil the taste.

However, when you are going to use it, wash it thoroughly to avoid microbes on it. This method will keep it fresh for 7-14 days if stored properly.

Storing broccoli in a bouquet 

You have seen the bouquet of flowers submerged in water. Treat it in the same way as a fresh flower. Take a vase or jar and fill it with water. Immerse the stems of broccoli in water.

Make sure that the head of it stays out of the jar. This method will keep it fresh for 3-5 days just like flowers.

You can place the jar inside the fridge or outside. However, placing the jar in the fridge is recommended as it provides a cool and dry atmosphere to broccoli florets.

Freezing broccoli

The above two methods help you to store it for few days. But if you want to store it longer time then you can go for the freezing method.

The freezing method cheers up you with the taste of broccoli even when it’s season over. You have to go through 4 steps for freezing it for up to 12 months.


Cut: cut the broccoli heads into medium pieces.

Boil: Boil the cut broccoli for 2-3 minutes. After boiling quickly transfer them to a bouquet full of iced water. Wait for 3 minutes so that it sets.

Dry: Spread it on a paper towel and dry it properly. Make sure that no moist left on broccoli.

Freeze: Store it in an airtight bag and freeze it. Use it whenever you want without any fear of spoiling.

Does broccoli go bad?

It is a substantial food and normally it is not used as a whole. We always left with some broccoli which goes bad when not stored properly.

Spoiling of it not only depends on storing methods but also on condition. You might store food with the proper method but can’t maintain the fridge temperature accurately. So, such conditions can cause damage to your food.

How to tell if broccoli is bad?

Whenever you are going to use your stored broccoli, examine it carefully. You can identify that has gone bad if it has the following signs.

Discoloration:  It has a dark and fresh green color. If you notice that broccoli is getting yellow or losing its natural color then it is not worthy to eat.

Smell:  It smells just like rotten eggs when it goes bad. It is because it has a high level of sulfur which smells strongly bad when starts decaying.

Texture: If you find your broccoli florets getting soft, pale, and slime then it is not worthy to eat. Keep in mind that even fresh it florets get soft, which can be revived by sprinkling water. But if they are fade and flop then don’t consume them.

Mold: Mold is caused by fungus and is a devastating stage for vegetables. Examine it, if it has a white thread or black and brown spots on it.

It means that you can’t consume it further. It commonly molds when it is stored for a very long time in the fridge under improper conditions.

Stem: Although the florets are the main part of it, the stem also has some role. If you find stem sticky and soft then don’t consume it.


Tips for storing the broccoli in the fridge

  • If you don’t have a paper towel and using a plastic bag for storing it then make holes in the bag by using a knife. It will prevent condensation that causes moisture in the bag.
  • Keep your fridge or freezer temperature maximum at 4 degrees Celsius. However, you keep it as low as zero degrees Celsius for freezing it longer.
  • When you are storing it on your shelf or counter. Keep its florets safe from water. But submerged its stem into the water to keep it fresh for 2-3 days.
  • If you are freezing it in a large amount then don’t freeze it as a whole. Store it by making small packets according to your need. It will make defrosting easy and don’t spoil it.
  • During defrosting, don’t put it packet in the microwave or heat. Leave it at room temperature overnight to soften.
  • Fruits have ethylene that speeds up the spoilage of vegetables especially broccoli. So, store it at a place where there is no fruit nearby.

Variations in broccoli life

A little bit of difference comes in the storage life of broccoli. Home-grown broccoli doesn’t last long as shop broccoli.

Because it is safe from chemicals sprays that maintain their life. Additionally, the variety and storage method also defines broccoli life.

How Long Does cooked Broccoli last in The Fridge

Cooked broccoli lasts up to 3-5 days in the fridge and lasts up to 12 months in the freezer. If you have chopped it then it will stay only for 2 days in the fridge. You can choose any method of your choice to store it.

Why broccoli gets dark spots?

Decomposition is indicated by black spots on broccoli heads. It begins to decay if it isn’t stored properly or kept for a longer period of time.

Cut off the black part of it if you see it. The remaining portion can be consumed. It won’t cause you any harm.

Keep broccoli in a cool, dry place to prevent black spots. Do not let the water absorb into it. Use all of the tips we’ve discussed to cover it heads. This will prolong the life of broccoli.

Can you eat broccoli that has turned yellow?

If you don’t want to waste the broccoli that has turned yellow then you can eat it. Toss them and add some flavor to avoid bitterness. But do this only if you are comfortable with this.


Broccoli is a good source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It is best for people having diabetes and inflammation problems. It can be stored just like other vegetables for a longer time. The only concern in its storage is that you just need to keep in mind all the tips and conditions.

We try our best to answer how long broccoli lasts in different situations. Comment and give your feedback below if you like the information we shared. If you still have any questions related to broccoli storage, ask below. We are also looking forward to answering your queries.


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