Can You Freeze Chicken Salad?

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Chicken salad is a popular dish that works for any kind of social gathering. Whether it’s a family dinner, an office party, or a lunch at the church, chicken salad works every time. It’s a classic dish that is delicious, healthy, and very easy to make. You can serve it as an appetizer or a … Read more

How Much Electricity Does An Air Fryer Use?

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Air fryers are extraordinary kitchen appliances that turn your diet healthier and improve your cooking experience. The food cooks faster using only a fraction of oil. Just like other kitchen appliances, air fryers are powered by electricity as well. They use electricity to power up the heating element, which, in turn, heats the air that … Read more

Do Air Fryers Have Teflon?

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Are  you looking for the  best air fryer without teflon? A few years back deep fryers were the only option for frying food. French fries, crispy chicken, all were made in heavy and bulky deep fryers filled with oil. Thanks to the rising awareness about the consumption of too much deep-fried food, people reduced the … Read more

How To Make Frozen Potato Skins In The Air Fryer

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As per the United States Agriculture Department, potato is the fourth most consumed crop in the world and the No. 1 vegetable crop in the United States. They are cheap and easy to grow and nutritionally rich. However, there is more to potatoes than meets the eye. Everyone loves it &  wants to know how … Read more

How To Clean Baked On Grease From Air Fryer

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Air fryers allow us to enjoy our favorite deep-fried foods without the guilt of consuming oil and fat. Though maybe less of it, air fryers still use oil and grease for cooking. Even that little grease can sometimes reach the bottom and start to build up. So, the best thing is to clean your air … Read more

Why Should I Buy an Air Fryer?

Why Should I Buy an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a functional kitchen appliance with a significant advantage that can help you a lot. That produces heat quicker than conventional ovens, and you can cook food faster than stoves and ovens. As per kinds of research and chefs says, food cooked in the air fryer is healthier. Fitness experts prefer to … Read more

How To Cook Hot Pockets In Air Fryer


Hot Pockets are a household item and you would hardly find a freezer in the USA that doesn’t have a box or two of Hot Pockets. But how did they become the go-to snack in America? Hot Pockets were first sold in 1983 in the stores and these were invented by two brothers, Paul and … Read more

How to cook frozen meatloaf in air fryer?

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When you are confused and can not decide on the lunch options, don’t worry and get a ride from this confusion; here is the best option for lunch it’s full of protein and vitamins air fryer meatloaf. Yes, this lunch makes your day good because I believe good food impacts your mood; that’s why good … Read more

How to cook frozen pizza in air fryer?

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Our today’s recipe is how to cook frozen pizza in the air fryer. Frozen products are half cooked these products save time. when your schedule is busy don’t have time for cooking frozen food will be ready in a few minutes. Who doesn’t love pizza? A great blend of delicious and healthy ingredients. Pizza started … Read more